About Me

My name is Crystal and I am a DONA certified doula. I am a wife to a stud muffin husband who supports me in everything I do and a mother to three beautiful children, each with their own unique birth story. These birth experiences gave me a passion for helping women overcome the all too common fear of childbirth and helping them find confidence in themselves and their body's ability to give birth. 

When I'm not hanging with my kids or helping women through their beautiful childbirth journeys, I enjoy a quiet, serene place to sit and read a good book. My favorite place to relax is cuddled up next to a roaring fireplace, sipping a delicious chai latte, immersed in a different literary world. I have traveled to over 18 countries in which I was involved in a number of non-profit volunteer works and have gleaned wisdom and experience from an incredible and diverse group of people. 

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