Crystal Rose Doula  offers placenta services in Salem and surrounding areas. Placenta encapsulation is a natural way to encourage postpartum recovery. The placenta has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in other countries and cultures for hundreds of years. Every placenta is completely unique to the mother. There isn’t a prescription, vitamin, or herbal supplement that can do what one placenta pill can do. Through the encapsulation process the placenta is transformed into a holistic medicine that is taken in pill form.

Women have experienced the following benefits when taking placenta pills:


*Reduced baby blues and postpartum depression

*Increased and enriched milk supply

*Reduced postpartum bleeding

*Replenished depleted iron levels

*Energy boosts

*Promoted bonding between mother and baby

*Stimulated immune system to protect against infection



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placenta Encapsulation
(Tradition Chinese Method): $200.00
(Raw Method):

Tincture: $30.00

Fresh Placenta Smoothie: $35

*$25 discount available for doula clients

Placenta Encapsulation

I offer both Raw and Traditional Chinese methods of placenta encapsulation.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Method: The placenta is first steamed over lemon, ginger, and Jalepeno Pepper. It is then sliced, dehydrated, powdered and encapsulated. This method is said to promote a gentle, sustained rise in energy and emotional well-being as a mother recovers from the birth. Some also believe that cooking the placenta first makes the iron more bioavailable. TCM preparation yields about 30% less capsules than the raw method.

(Please note that I am not a TCM practitioner. This encapsulation process is inspired by TCM methods.)

Raw Method: The raw placenta is immediately sliced and dehydrated. Some people are concerned that steaming the placenta may decrease nutrient and hormone levels and wish to consume the placenta in its raw state. This method is said to provide a more immediate and significant (though less sustained) burst of energy and emotional well-being after consumption of the capsules.



Having a tincture made is a great way to extend the benefits of placenta remedies for a lifetime. Your tincture can be used after capsules are gone or for later down the road. Many women use their tinctures to ease anxiety and stress during PMS, weaning, returning to work and even menopause.


Placenta Smoothie

I prepare a fresh smoothie that you can enjoy soon after birth. The rest of the placenta can then be encapsulated, buried, or discarded. This is a refreshing, revitalizing way to experience the benefits of your placenta very soon after your birth.


Please note: The services I offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition.  Although the benefits of placenta remedy use by the mother are supported by ongoing research and centuries of safe use, placenta remedies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is your responsibility to determine whether using placenta remedies may be of benefit to you.