"Crystal was an absolutely amazing help during labor! Since it was my first pregnancy, I was nervous about what to expect and Crystal and her steady, calm nature was exactly what I needed. Crystal did a great job of discussing all of my options while I was writing my birth plan, while being open and honest that things don’t always go according to plan. I was so glad for the time she spent with me before the labor discussing all of the various scenarios that could happen, because like most plans, my birth didn’t go accordingly!

It was so helpful to know that Crystal was there to support my husband and I while we brought our beautiful son into the world. She has such a peaceful, easy nature about her that by the end of our time together I felt like I had hired a doula, but gained a friend. I highly recommend Crystal to anyone considering a doula for their next birth. She is truly wonderful and I am so happy that she was a part of my amazing birth experience!"


"My husband and I weren't too sure if we wanted to have a doula, but we are so glad we did!  Our goal was to have an unmedicated birth and we couldn't have achieved that goal without Crystal's help.  Even with all of the initial preparation for the birth, including a natural birthing class where we learned breathing and massage techniques, knowing that Crystal was there to support me brought comfort to my husband and I.  There were moments when I doubted myself in the midst of the birth, and Crystal reassured me and calmed me down when I felt like I lost control.  I now more than ever believe that a laboring mother needs a group of individuals around her to support her, and Crystal played a vital role in the team around me.  We now have a beautiful baby girl!"


"We didn't initially plan on having a doula for the birth of our first child, and ended up deciding to work with Crystal roughly a month before our due date. Even in that short time, Crystal did a great job of helping us to prepare by working through a lot of good questions giving suggestions for exercises and other preparation activities. The day of the actual birth, she was huge for us. We were doing a hospital birth, and were asked by the hospital to come in at 4:30 in the morning after my wife's water broke, and Crystal got up and came right away. During the active labor we were all doing what we had learned in terms of massage and breathing. Crystal came very well-equipped, and many of the tools that she brought for massage and counterpoint pressure turned out to be much better than what we had brought. She also knew how to complement what I was trying to do to increase effectiveness while still allowing me to play a big part. Where she was most important for us, though, was in transitional labor. This was when it seemed like a lot of the things we had been trying before stopped working, and the contractions were much closer together. At this point, I started struggling to focus myself. Crystal was a calming presence, and her help with breathing and vocalization during this part got us through. Having an unmedicated birth was very important to us, and I don't think we could have done it without Crystal."

- Micah


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